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December,  2017

Dear Ark City School District Friends:          

    We’re amazed that the school year is almost 50% complete. And, 

as always, so pleased to see young people learn, progress and grow.

    The workplace of tomorrow will require advanced skills in technology

and a broad array of field-specific abilities and knowledge.  But-today, 

more than ever - it will also require a cooperative, team-based

orientation emphasizing strong communication skills and applications.


     Today’s workplace is the first in history to have four distinct 

generations working together.   As diverse as communicative orientations

may be….the workplace will demand the capacity to effectively apply our

skills-and maximize the individual and collective potentials for every employee.   

      Todays students are fascinated with team-based efforts.  The most successful

program we offer uses project-based learning…..and kids love it.

Let’s emphasize the cooperative spirit that is so needed-and assist students in

seeing the benefits of successfully working together-as a school, a community

and a nation.


With Best Regards, 

Ron E. Ballard

Superintendent of Schools

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