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Some Announcements from the Document Center for Summer 2019

Summer Copies: We are open ALL summer!!! Monday-Friday 8am-430pm someone is in the print shop. With that said anything you know you’ll need for the start of school please feel free to send it in. Just remember to use the need by date on the form. IF it's for Summer copies just write that in the need by date and we will make sure it's done before the start of the school. It is our goal here in the print shop to have all summer copies done and back to the schools before August 1st. This also helps us with the rush in August!!!

Need By Dates:  Please remember if you are requesting a large amount and don’t absolutely need it the next day, to utilize the need by date. This helps us to have ample time to run those larger orders that sometimes take 1-2 hours per job.  

Cardstock: If you have a job that requires cardstock, please send the cardstock to the PrintShop. Just remember to put it where the delivery guy can see it. Also remember to put your name and school and Deliver To: Print Shop. Our delivery person will not pick up anything not directed too us. 

Emails!! Please make sure to note your email on your request. This way, if we have questions about your order, we can get in touch with you to resolve the issue. 


To contact the Document Center, directly, please email or call 620-402-2714 or 620-442-3575 x117.






To contact the Document Center, directly, please email or call 620-402-2714.


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