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Document Center FAQs

General Information

Yes--as often as possible!  This is the most cost-efficient and time-saving option for making copies available in the district.  Building administrators will share additional information--but any request for ten or more copies is perfect for the Document Center.


Go to the district website at and select the "For Staff" tab.  From this tab, click on "Document Center" The yellow box is a link to the print request form. Fill in the appropriate information, attach the file to be copied or printed... and submit. That's it!

No, hard copy requests may NOT be submitted.  All sites have in-house machines with the ability to scan hard copy documents and convert them to a digital format. Files may be emailed to the owner of the file--or saved on a memory stick.   Need help with this?  Technology staff and secretaries will provide assistance...and memory sticks will be available to all certified staff upon request.

Print requests made by 1:30 p.m. each day will be returned by 9:30 a.m. the following morning. 

Yes, however, colored paper is more expensive than white paper and cost should be considered when making print requests. When a color is unavailable, white will be the default. Staff may also place notes for the Document Center in the Comments area for additional instructions.


Yes.  Staff may email the Document Center directly (communication only--no print requests) at and via phone at 620-442-3575 ext 117.


No, requests are not held for approval however administrators may wish to discuss the type or quantity of requests being made.  The Document Center is designed to print and make copies for items necessary for classroom instruction--and for school business only.

The person making the print request assumes responsibility for adhering to copyright laws. Questions regarding copyright may be forwarded to the building librarian/media specialist for guidance.

Print requests are sent to different addresses (one for each district)...and there are two machines, one to handle each district's requests.  As a BIG bonus, if one machine goes down, the second machine will assume printing for both districts.  (Special thanks to Technology and Twin Rivers for the behind-the-scenes magic that allows this to happen!)


Yes, if you provide the paper or card stock with the request.  Paper/cardstock will be picked up by Twin Rivers staff when they drop off the day's delivery and the finished project will be returned the following day.  We will not stock special papers at this time.

Color copies are permitted on a limited basis when color is essential to the lesson.  Color copy requests at attendance sites are the most expensive. Building administrators will monitor copy costs and may provide additional guidance.