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MindCraft - Summer Learning

Additional information about our upcoming MindCraft Summer Learning Program is coming soon. MindCraft is all about crafting minds with fun and engaging camp-like classes. All activities will be project-based and structured using S.T.R.E.A.M components (science, technology, reading, engineering, art, and math). Social-emotional learning will be embedded throughout.


Common Questions:

  • Is there a cost for MindCraft?
    • No! Our MindCraft sessions are completely FREE!
  • Will breakfast and/or lunch be served?
    • Yes! FREE breakfast AND lunch will be provided to each participant. 
  • I have a child in the 3-year-old PreK program. Can they attend a MindCraft session?
    • Unfortunately, not this year. Students must be in the current 4-year-old PreK program to qualify for the MESS Makers: Kindergarten Success Camp. For more information or to register for this camp, please call the Ark City PreK Office at 620-441-2075.