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MindCraft - Summer Learning

MindCraft Summer Learning Program Logo

Registration for our MindCraft Summer Learning Program is underway! MindCraft is all about crafting minds with fun and engaging camp-like classes. All activities will be project-based and structured using S.T.R.E.A.M components (science, technology, reading, engineering, art, and math). Social-emotional learning will be embedded throughout.


Each "Session" features a variety of topics for students to choose from; however, space may be limited and some classes are dependent upon minimum enrollment requirements. Also, please note that “Grade Level” refers to the student's CURRENT grade. You can find the schedule and class options for each grade level below.


SCHEDULE OVERVIEW (For Spanish, click the “Spanish” tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet.)

PK-4 (For Spanish, click the “Spanish” tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet.)

Grades 5-7 (For Spanish, click the “Spanish” tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet.)

Grades 8-11 (For Spanish, click the “Spanish” tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet.)


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To register, log in to PowerSchool. Once logged in, you can find the MindCraft registration page by clicking “Forms” on the left side of PowerSchool screen. OR – if your child will be entering Kindergarten next year and you’re interested in registering them for MindCraft, please call 620-441-2075. The registration deadline is May 17! 


Common Questions:

  • Is there a cost for MindCraft?
    • No! Our MindCraft sessions are completely FREE!
  • Will transportation be provided?
    • Yes! Limited transportation services will be provided. Call 620-441-2084 for more specific info. 
  • Will breakfast and/or lunch be served?
    • Yes! FREE breakfast AND lunch will be provided to each participant. Click HERE to find more information about our FREE Summer Meal Program.
  • I have a child in the 3-year-old Pre-K program. Can they attend a MindCraft session?
    • Unfortunately, not this year. Students must be in the current 4-year-old Pre-K program to qualify for the MESS Makers: Kindergarten Success Camp. For more information or to register for this camp, please call the Ark City Pre-K Office at 620-441-2075.
  • My child lives within USD 470 boundaries but currently attends a private school or home school. Can they attend?
    • Yes! As long as the child lives within USD 470 boundaries, they may attend MindCraft. Please call 620-441-2003 to register.
  • My grandchild/niece/nephew/friend is staying with us this summer. Can they attend?
    • Unfortunately, no. MindCraft is open to students who reside within USD 470 boundaries throughout the school year. 
  • Will my child have to wear a mask?
    • Yes. Students and staff members will follow current health and safety protocols including wearing masks.