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Student Surveys


Nonacademic Tests, Questionnaires, Surveys, and Exams include questions about personal and private attitudes, values, and beliefs, as well as practices of the student, parents, guardians, family members, associates, friends, and/or peers. Screeners and other measures that impact academic progress and instructional practice (SAEBRS, Trusted Adult Surveys, etc.) are not subject to HB 2567. When administering Nonacademic Tests, Questionnaires, Surveys, and Exams,

Arkansas City Public Schools will:

  • Notify the parent in writing no more than four months before administration of the Nonacademic Tests, Questionnaires, Surveys, and Exams (NTQSE);
  • Include a copy of the NTQSE; describe how the parent provides written consent; provide the name of the company or entity, and explain how the data will be used;
  • The parent must “opt-in” with consent in writing or electronic signature for each NTQSE;
  • The student may “opt-out” of the NTQSE, and must be informed of this right;
  • Post a copy of the NTQSE on the school district website