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Tech Purchases Jan 2020 Q&A

  1. Will we consider other brands than the ones listed on the RFP?
    1. Yes. The listed devices are examples of what would work. Other brands/models will also be considered.
  2. Lenovo has 5 models with these specs, are there any other specs that can help narrow down the model?
    1. These devices will be used in a Project Lead the Way classroom. Recommended specs for the 2019 school year are available here. Vendors are welcome to submit more than one option for this particular device.
  3. Do you want extended warranty options?
    1. Extended warranty options are not required, but can be included as an option.
  4. Is the bid an all or nothing or will items be selected individually? Can we submit partial bids, i.e. only bid one or two items?
    1. Items may be selected individually. Partial bids are accepted.
  5. Finance Options needed?
    1. Financing options are not needed. USD470 will purchase these items outright.
  6. Are services such as white-glove or green delivery of interest?
    1. These types of services and options should be listed as an add on piece.
  7. I am working on your RFP and wanted to ask if you were aware that the price on the google management license will be going up by $8 starting March 1.
    1. We will be purchasing after March 1 and realize we will be paying the increased cost for Google Management Licenses.
  8. Can you let me know if we provide demos of Chromebook models that we will be proposing according to your specs on this tech bid?
    1. Demos can be provided, but are not required. Please provide a return label on any demo units.