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Q & A for Printer/Copier RFP

  1. Is your project deadline still going to be April 8th, 2020?  Or, pushed back?
    1. ​The deadline has been extended to Wednesday, April 15 at 2 PM.
  2. Will you still require hard copies to be personally delivered to the district?  Or, will you prefer them to be in electronic form (ie: thumb drive via mail or attachments in email?
    1. ​We will accept electronic responses to this RFP. Please send responses to and make the subject “2020 Printer/Copier RFP Response”. You will receive a response to confirm your email has been received.
  3. Which devices (both copiers & printers) need the ability to print larger than 8.5” x 14”?
    1. ​All of our MFPs need the ability to print up to 11” x 17” via the bypass tray.
  4. Does the district currently reside on one network, or are multiple networks involved? For example, does each school/building have their own network? Would it be beneficial to have one copier reside on two separate networks? For instance, a guest/student network and a staff network?
    1. ​There isn’t a benefit for splitting up the devices as staff is the only group printing.
  5. Regarding the Papercut solution, does the district currently utilize this software? If so, is the solution cloud-based or on premise? How many licenses/users need the ability to use Papercut? How is the district staff/faculty authenticating to the devices for secure print? User codes, key fobs, active directory, or proxy card? 

    1. We currently have an On Premise instance of Papercut NG. It is version 19.2.3 with 1,000 user licenses, 1 licensed release station, 2 Advanced Account Selection Licenses and 1 Licensed site server. Support expires June 23, 2020. We currently don’t have secure print, but would like to implement it with this project. We are open to using either codes or fobs and can authenticate against Google Apps or Active Directory.

  6. Does the district utilize any other cloud services such as the Google classroom suite, Dropbox, Drive, etc.? If so, would it be beneficial to directly integrate a connection between the copiers and Google suite, Dropbox, Drive, etc.?

    1. ​We currently use Google Apps as a District and would be interested in options to integrate this into our print system. Please list any solutions like this as add-ons.

  7. What devices are the students using to print? Is Google Cloud Print enabled on Chromebooks for students? If so, do the copiers need to be Google Cloud Print enabled?

    1. ​Students are currently using Chromebooks. They do not print though, all printing is done by staff. Google Cloud Print is being discontinued and our plan is to move to Papercut Mobility Print. We are open to other solutions.

  8. Is the district open to certified reconditioned equipment, or new equipment only?

    1. ​We are asking for only new equipment.

  9. Regarding the MICR printer, what accounting software is the district using? 

    1. We use MAPPS for accounting.  

  10. On the machines requiring 6,000 + sheet drawer capacity.  That is total machine capacity, right? Not a single 6,000 sheet drawer? I don’t know of anyone that makes a 6,000 sheet drawer. “On page 3 of the bid it states 4 color copiers that need a 6,000 sheet drawer capacity. We need to clarify if we can offer an MFP with a total of 6,000 sheet capacity.”

    1. ​6,000 total sheet capacity is fine.

  11. Question about Printers to be “Compatible with PaperCut Software (or comparable software).”  Does this mean you would like the PaperCut embedded software installed on these devices for users to be able to secure print release from the printers? Or does this mean you just want to track the print output of the printers?

    1. ​We currently use PaperCut NG and would like to upgrade to PaperCut MF or comparable software to manage both printing and copying. We would also like the capability to secure print.

  12. We currently use PaperCut NG and would like to upgrade to PaperCut MF or comparable software to manage both printing and copying. We would also like the capability to secure print./Should authentication only be required on the MFDs or is it required at the standalone desktop printers too?/The RFP indicates logging into the mfp. Will this be with an HID card or other type of card such as barcoded card or just typed in? If Card swipe, what type of card do you use or want to use? What is being used for authentication, AD or Google Directory or other?

    1. ​Authentication only needs to be available on the MFD. The standalone printers will authenticate prints through PaperCut

  13. Who is our current vendor?​

    1. ​Galaxie Business Equipment

  14. What product line are you currently using?

    1. ​Sharp and Kyocera

  15. 56 pages or faster- would 55 be acceptable?
    1. ​55 Pages per minute is acceptable
  16. Are our key cards and fobs HID?
    1. ​Yes our fobs are HID
  17. Can you provide average volumes per machine? 
    1. USD 470 2019-2020 Machine Averages
  18. How many fax lines does the district currently obtain? Are you using any type of IP or internet fax/fax forwarding features now?
    1. ​The district uses 13 fax lines. Currently, those are coming in as POTS lines, but we are switching those over to fax over IP through our phone system right now.
  19. Is the district requiring any lease to be funded internally by the selected vendor? Or will the district allow an externally funded lease as long as the vendor acts as a liaison between the district and third party leasing company?

    1. ​We do not want to be involved in any kind of a lease purchase agreement and do not want to own the hardware at the end of the 5 year contract period. It is fine if a company needs to involve a third party to assist them in coverage and financing on their side but we do not want any involvement in that agreement.

  20. On the machines having a 17 second warm-up time. Is that a strict requirement? Because that is really fast, especially for a 56 ppm copier.

    1. ​We have had this question from a number of vendors. It seems appropriate for this time to be below 30 seconds. This is not a requirement, but the warm-up time is important to us.

  21. What is the total number of buildings where copiers/printers will be placed?

    1. ​There are 14 Total buildings in the district.

  22. What is the total number of users? 

    1. Our current PaperCut license is licensed for 1000 users. 

  23. How many print servers does the district have? 

    1. There is currently one print server. 

  24. What is your PaperCut NG Customer Reference Number?

    1. ​This question will be answered via email only. 

  25. On page 4, you request 14 x Color Printers and the 4th specification down lists Scan (color or b/w) to email.

    1. These 14 printers should be desktop multifunction printers.

  26. The Q&A says that all MFP’s should be 11x17 capable. Does that apply to the 14 Desktop MFP’s?

    1. ​Only the full-size MFP’s need the capability to print 11x17.

  27. There are more printers listed on that volume report than there are printers that you are asking for on the bid. Will the district be keeping any printers in addition to the printers on the RFP or will you be getting rid of the additional and not replacing? If you will be keeping some existing printers, what brand and model numbers are those?

    1. ​We will be getting rid of all machines on the averages list but one. The remaining machine is a Ricoh MP C2004 and it will not be associated with Papercut.