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Remote Learning

Update: August 7, 2020

If you are interested in our Remote Learning Program, please remember the application deadline is 4 p.m. today (August 7).

We understand this is a tough decision and because we anticipate additional information being available early next week, we will allow parents to withdraw their child's Remote Learning application until 4 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 12.

Regardless of which learning model you choose, please make sure you've enrolled your child via PowerSchool. If you have a Pre-K student that still needs to be enrolled, please contact the Pre-K office at 620-441-2075.

Update: August 4, 2020

Due to recent website outages, we are extending the deadline for Remote Learning applications until 4 p.m. Friday, August 7.

Please remember that even if you’re choosing Remote Learning for your child, you still need to enroll for school online via PowerSchool in addition to completing the Remote Learning Application found below:

Apply Here 

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We also want to address some frequently asked questions about remote learning. 

The USD 470 Remote Learning option is NOT a virtual school. It is an option that allows students to learn the same competencies as students attending in-person classes. Remote students will be able to check-out a district device to participate but will need to have quality, reliable internet access at home. 

Our Remote Learning curriculum will feature a strong, teacher-led online component as well as daily contact with a teacher, and a variety of online instructional experiences, tasks, assignments, and projects. The same digital resources and platforms (ie: SeeSaw, Google Classroom, MobyMax, Khan Academy, and others) will be used by students attending in-person.

Students participating in remote learning will need to adhere to - and log - the same amount of instructional time as required by the state for ALL students. This equates to six hours of daily Remote Learning time. This, however, does NOT require all students to be on their device for six consecutive hours. There will be flexibility in when work is completed each day. 

Remote Learning students will have the opportunity to participate in some electives, athletics, and co-curricular activities. At the elementary level, students will be able to participate in elective activities remotely. At the secondary level, students will have the opportunity to participate in performance-based activities such as band, choir, and orchestra but some classes that would require on-site attendance (ex. Welding) would not be available to participate in remotely.

We know families are facing tough decisions. We appreciate your patience and trust in us as we navigate this unique school year!

Thank you for your continued patience as we have been preparing for the 2020-2021 school year. The final details of "at-school/in-person" and "at-home/remote" options for students are under development and may continue to change as we receive updates and guidance from our Kansas State Department of Education and from health officials. As always, the health and safety of our students and staff will remain our top priority.

Remote Learning is an option for USD 470 students this year.  This remote learning option will be different from last spring's emergency efforts and will require students to have quality, reliable internet access at home. 

If you know at this time that you want to have your child(ren) begin the 2020-2021 school year in an at-home remote learning environment, please complete this form at your earliest convenience and no later than 4:00 PM on August 5, 2020. *Please complete a separate form for each of your children.*

Remote Learning Expectations:

  • There will be daily contact between the student(s) and teacher(s) through web conferencing and/or telephone. 
  • Students and parents will also be required to complete and maintain a daily log that will be submitted to the school. 
  • Remote learning will not be delivered through paper packets and students must have access to adequate Internet services to participate in Remote Learning.
  • Remote learning students will follow the academic calendar approved by the school board. 
  • Attendance is required approximately 6 hours and 15 minutes per day (exact time TBD as it is dependent on the calendar to be adopted).
  • Best practices for distance learning will be employed to include rigorous instruction, high expectations of student performance, and meeting all grade-level standards.
  • Remote learning teachers will be available for assistance during regular school hours on regular school days.
  • Attendance will be taken in accordance with the Kansas Department of Education's attendance guidelines regarding remote learning. Failure to attend as per state and local requirements can result in truancy being filed.
  • USD 470 grading policies and procedures will apply during remote learning.
  • Enrollment in Remote Learning will be in effect on a semester-by-semester basis. There will be an opportunity to transfer from full-time remote learning to the on-site/traditional classroom setting at the end of each semester only. 
  • State assessments and all other locally required assessments are required and will be conducted in a proctored setting.  Details regarding assessment protocol will be shared with guardians. 
  • Students enrolled in Remote Learning may participate in extra-curricular activities when available and if allowed by KSHSAA. 

As a reminder, please complete the form below ONLY if you already know you want your child(ren) to begin the 2020-2021 school year in an at-home remote learning environment.  Additional requirements, policies, procedures, and guidance will be provided soon in the Remote Learning Guidelines document, which is still under development.

Apply Here 

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