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Athletics/Activities Update

Posted Date: 09/01/2020

Athletics/Activities Update

Due to Cowley County’s current restrictions on public gatherings, our high school and middle school events will have spectator restrictions. Each participant will be given a specific number of tickets to share for admittance into Varsity Football, JV/V Volleyball, and ACMS Volleyball and Football. Each person attending will need to pay (or use their pass) and present a ticket in order to enter the facility. 


In addition to the capacity restrictions, spectators are expected to wear masks at all events, sit in family cohorts and social distance, and promptly exit the venue upon the conclusion of the event. 


All events hosted at Bulldog Stadium and in the ACHS Main Gym will be live-streamed on the NFHS Network.  To create an account and purchase a subscription follow the link:


Many of our league schools and other opponents will be broadcasting events via the NFHS Network. Your subscription will give you access to any event streamed on the network.


UPDATE: Please see the venue-specific guidelines below for the Fall athletic season:


Pass Policy and Live Streaming

  • The use of league passes has been suspended until COVID-19 attendance restrictions are lifted.
  • Booster Club, Faculty and Student ID passes will be honored with a ticket voucher.
  • Live Streaming for all events at Bulldog Stadium and ACHS Main gym is available. 
  • Sign up here at the NFHS Network.


For All Events

  • All venues will be operating at 25% capacity, fan seating and ticket sales will be limited.
  • Please bring exact change, when possible, to limit exchanges between patrons and workers.
  • Families are encouraged to sit together.
  • If you leave the facility, you will not be allowed to re-enter.
  • Only essential personnel (players, coaches, officials, administration and event workers) are allowed on the playing surface during the contest.
  • At the conclusion of the event, please exit the facilities.  Congregating near locker rooms, in the stands, or on the field is not permitted.


Bulldog Stadium (Football and Soccer)

  • Masks are to be worn when entering and exiting the stadium, and anytime social distancing cannot be maintained, such as restrooms and concession areas.
  • For all contests, including soccer, visiting spectators should sit in the east bleachers.
  • For Varsity Football, that day’s participants (players, coaches, cheerleaders, danceline and band) will be given FOUR (4) ticket vouchers (TWO will be issued for the visiting team due to bleacher size) in advance to disburse at their discretion.  This voucher is required upon entry to purchase a ticket.  No one is admitted without a voucher.
  • For soccer, Sub Varsity Football, and MS football, ticket vouchers will not be required.  Should we find that we are over the 25% capacity, we will revisit this restriction again.


ACHS Main Gym and Aux Gym

  • There will be designated sections for each schools’ spectators.  Please sit in these sections and avoid interactions with patrons of other communities.
  • Masks are to be worn at all times.
  • Temperatures will be checked upon arrival.  Anyone with a temperature of 100.0 degrees or higher will not be allowed to enter.
  • For each event, that day’s participants (players and coaches) will be given TWO (2) ticket vouchers in advance to disburse at their discretion.  This voucher is required upon entry to purchase a ticket.  No one is admitted without a voucher.
  • The number of vouchers will vary upon event types such as a Triangular or Tournament.


Louderback Family Tennis Center and Middle School Tennis Courts

  • We ask that only family members attend and social distance when at the venue.
  • Bleacher seating will not be available, we ask spectators to bring a lawn chair. 
  • Masks are to be worn when social distancing cannot be maintained.


We appreciate everyone’s efforts to keep others safe so our students can continue participating in their activities. If you have questions, please contact the ACHS Athletic Department at 620-441-2016.