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Crushing COVID - It's up to YOU!

Posted Date: 11/23/2020

Crushing COVID - It's up to YOU!

USD 470 is proud to partner with other Cowley County organizations in encouraging citizens to ‘crush COVID’ in our community!

We are seeing a rise of COVID-19 cases in our county and unfortunately, the upcoming holidays create an opportunity for additional spread. The idea behind the “Crushing COVID in Cowley County” campaign is that if each of us takes responsibility for our own actions, together, we can flatten the curve.

Maybe due to other health concerns, you can’t wear a mask. That’s ok but please consider what you CAN do to make a difference. Maybe you can skip the big holiday gathering or do grocery pick-up/delivery instead of browsing the store. Maybe you can commit to washing your hands every hour or ordering takeout. Maybe you can do all of the above and more!

If each of us does our part, we can protect the people we care about, let students return to their classrooms, keep hospitals from overflowing, keep businesses open and community services functioning like normal. What can YOU do to crush COVID?