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Needs Assessment

graphic %22needs assessment%22 features photos of graduates and a young boy looking through binoculars and reaching out hand

To be an inclusive learning community that empowers all students to foster their dreams, explore their possibilities through multiple learning experiences, and create their futures

To ensure all students learn and thrive in safe, healthy, and supportive learning environment

children holding a colorful parachute while running in a circle


  • all students should receive an exemplary education that is academically challenging, meets social/emotional needs, and compels each student to reach their full potential
  • an effective School Board values all students and holds high expectations for a leadership team embracing the district’s history, diversity, traditions, and potential
  • in our personnel being fully committed to students, supportive of the district’s plan, and embracing professional development
  • in our communicative partnerships with our staff, each student’s family, and the community to support the educational success of students
  • we aspire to manage the district resources to honor the community’s investment in our schools

Find each school's individual needs assessment at the link below:

Individual Building Needs Assessments

Find each school's State Assessment Review at the link below:

Individual Building State Assessment Reviews