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Ark City Public Schools' health team is a dedicated group of professionals committed to ensuring the well-being of our students. The team works collaboratively to promote and maintain the physical and mental health of students. They provide a range of services, including health screenings, vaccination assistance, health education programs, and much more. With their expertise and compassion, our health team plays a vital role in fostering a healthy and supportive learning environment for all students.

Our Team

photo of Jacque Arnett
Jacque Arnett

School Nurse

photo of Shannon Hinson
Shannon Hinson

School Nurse

photo of Lacy Colquhoun
Lacy Colquhoun

School Nurse

photo of Chloe Pratap
Chloe Pratap

School Nurse

photo of Bonnie Condit
Bonnie Condit

School Nurse

Photo of Shaughnessy Zimmerman
Shaughnessy Zimmerman

School Nurse

Information for Students and Families

Contact Us

Address: 2545 Greenway, Arkansas City, KS 67005

Phone: 620-441-2000