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PreK/Head Start

Ark City Public Schools provides blended early childhood learning program that combines Head Start, special education, and the district's PreK program students into classes within the neighborhood elementary schools. Through a carefully curated curriculum, children have the opportunity to engage with one another and participate in hands-on, collaborative learning activities in the classroom. This blended approach fosters the development of essential cognitive, social, and emotional skills, preparing children for a successful transition to elementary school.

To learn more about our Ark City PreK program or to schedule a screening for your child, please call 620-441-2075 or visit the PreK webpage.

Our Team

photo of Tara Taylor
Tara Taylor

Director of Head Start / USD 470 PreK Program

Photo of Julie Bradley
Julie Bradley

Head Start Family Services Coordinator

photo of Aimee Fowler
Aimee Fowler

Head Start Health Coordinator

photo of Michele Rocha
Michele Rocha

Head Start Fiscal Secratary

photo of Lea Abbey
Lea Abbey

Head Start Special Services Coordinator

photo of Ashley Demaree
Ashley Demaree

Head Start Social Worker

photo of Angelina Francisco
Angelina Francisco

Head Start Family Service Advocate

photo of Lacey Whetstone
Lacey Whetstone

PreK Academic Coach

photo of Joy Armstrong
Joy Armstrong

Head Start Family Service Advocate

photo of Hannah Demaree
Hannah Demaree

Head Start Education Coordinator

photo of Margarita Fracisco
Margarita Francisco

Head Start Family Service Advocate

Contact Us

Address: 1201 N 10th, Arkansas City, KS 67005

Phone: 620-441-2075

Fax: 620-441-2077