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woman smiles with arms our as an elementary school girl excitedly pumps fists in the air
Preschool student smiles at the camera while coloring, another young girl and teacher color in background

Today was a big day for our PreK students as they attended their very first day of school. Their eyes were sparkling with curiosity and excitement and we loved watching them make new friends, explore learning stations, and dive into imaginative play. Here’s to a wonderful adventure full of learning, laughter, and endless possibilities! We know they’re going to do great!

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Photo of PreK playground equipment

Our maintenance crew has been especially hard at work this summer designing, constructing, and installing PreK playgrounds. Each elementary school will have a new PreK playground soon if they don’t already. The playgrounds promote wellness and increase safety for our youngest students because the equipment is designed for their size and developmental needs. These playgrounds are also designed to provide our earliest learners with opportunities to develop social skills through active, creative play.

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